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Academics Abroad

Whether looking for credit to complete requirements for a major or minor, or the need to maintain full-time status for scholarship purposes, Learning Abroad wants to ensure all students know how to request and earn credit for their programs abroad.

Faculty-Led Program Credit

This credit is awarded the same way as other UH courses. It will appear on the student's myUH account as a typical UH course with the faculty leader as the instructor of record. Grades earned are input directly into the student's myUH account just like courses that take place on campus. Please note that not all Faculty-Led Programs award credit. Contact the faculty leader for information about credit.

The information below does not apply to Faculty-Led Programs except for the Cádiz, Spain program with Hispanic Studies.


For all programs that are not Faculty-Led Programs, Learning Abroad requires students to have unopened, originals of official transcripts sent directly to Learning Abroad. We cannot accept photocopies, altered transcripts, or transcripts that have been opened. The student is responsible for any additional fees for ordering transcripts from the program provider or university abroad. 

Have all transcripts sent to:

Learning Abroad
E.W. Cullen Bldg., Suite 105
Houston, TX 77204-2039

Program Accreditation

To be eligible for credit transfer to UH, institutions abroad must be accredited by the Ministry of Education (or equivalent) of the program's country. If you have questions about this, please contact Learning Abroad.

In addition to general accreditation, UH Departments and Colleges may require additional, discipline-specific accreditation.

UH College     Accreditation     Notes
 C.T. Bauer College of Business  AACSB Accounting accreditation is separate. Accounting majors and minors are encouraged to seek general business courses rather than accounting-specific courses.
Cullen College of Engineering ABET There is a tab on the search page called "School Name Search" that can assist you in quickly finding this information for your intended institution.

Course Equivalency Form

It is up to the student to work with the appropriate UH College or Department to determine Course Equivalencies. Please review the Course Equivalency Form document for instructions and a checklist. 


All courses taken abroad will affect the student's GPA; they do not go onto your transcript as Pass/Fail credit. Students should focus on their academics while abroad. If a student is struggling academically while abroad, the student should utilize all available resources (program provider, academic advisors, faculty, tutoring centers, etc.) for assistance. Learning Abroad cannot negotiate grades with or on behalf of a student. What appears on the transcript from the host institution is what will appear on the student's UH transcript.

UH Course Registration While Abroad

If a student has followed the procedures for the Course Equivalency Form, they will be enrolled in placeholder courses during the term they are abroad. These courses have generic codes such as LSAF 3301 or NSRE 2301. Students should not add or drop these courses on their own. If a student has questions about their placeholder courses, they should contact Learning Abroad. These course codes will stay on the student's account indefinitely. If a student takes the equivalent of Spanish 1501 abroad, it will appear on their myUH account as LSAF 1501 and not as SPAN 1501. When requesting an official or unofficial UH transcript, the name of the course taken abroad will appear on the transcript. 

Grade Posting

Learning Abroad cannot post grades for courses taken abroad until the transcript is received. If you have questions about the length of time a transcript will take to arrive at Learning Abroad, please contact your host institution or program provider for more information. Please note that some transcripts can take several months to be delivered to Learning Abroad after the completion of a program abroad.

In most cases, students will have NR (Not Reported) for Learning Abroad grades until their grades are able to be entered officially. Roughly 90 days after the end of the term at UH any NR grades will automatically convert to Fs. These can and will be corrected once the transcript arrives and Learning Abroad is able to post grades. 

Additional Questions

Students with additional questions  on the process for earning credit for Learning Abroad programs should contact Learning Abroad at 713-743-9167.