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Please follow the steps below in order to prevent issues. Students who do not follow this process may not be eligible for credit or scholarships.

Research programs and financing options
10-12 months prior to desired program start date
  1. Create an online profile with Learning Abroad's new travel software, ViaTRM. 
  2. If you're not sure about a specific program just yet, attend an initial consultation session:
  3. Review program options
  4. Review scholarship opportunities
  5. Review Academics Abroad page for credit transfer information
  6. Once you have a better idea of what you want to do, schedule a meeting with a Learning Abroad Advisor by calling 713-743-9167
    • We cannot accept email requests for meetings at this time
    • Advisors are assigned by intended area of study, research, or internship.
    • Maggie Mahoney Kailey Posterick


      Liberal Arts & Social Sciences




      Service Learning Groups


      Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math

      Hotel & Restaurant Management

      Graduate College of Social Work

      Medical & Professional Studies

      Reciprocal Exchanges (REEPs)

  7. Meet with your primary Academic Advisor for your major
    • Determine which term is the best for you to participate in a Learning Abroad program
  8. Select a program that best fits your needs and interests
Prepare to apply for your program
Far in advance of your program's application deadline

All students must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA to participate in a learning abroad program Undergraduate students with a GPA from 2.0 to 2.499 at the time of application to a program must request permission from their academic department using the Learning Abroad GPA Waiver form. Students with a GPA below 2.0 are not eligible to participate in learning abroad programs. 

* If you are participating in a UH  Faculty-Led Program, please move to "Apply & Register"

  1. Select which course(s) you would like to take while on that program*
    • Have one backup for each course, just to be safe
  2. Complete a Course Equivalency Form with the appropriate Faculty Member or Academic Advisor
    • Depending on the variety of disciplines, you may need to visit multiple departments and complete a Course Equivalency Form with each
    • If UH does not have an equivalent department, please contact Learning Abroad for assistance
    • Follow the instructions and the checklist on the Course Equivalency Form document exactly as listed
  3. Submit all completed and signed Course Equivalency Forms to Learning Abroad by email or in person
Summer programs - no later than April 24
Fall programs - No later than July 15, however we recommend much earlier
Winter and Spring programs - no later than December 5

Students who do not submit all of the following documents prior to departure for their programs may experience a delay in course registration and may also incur a late registration fee as a result. Please contact us at 713-743-9167 if you require assistance with your paperwork.

1.  Apply online with Learning Abroad's new travel software, ViaTRM.

2. Apply for your program through your faculty leader, program provider, or institution abroad.
The following documents are required for each program type and must be uploaded to your ViaTRM online registration:
The summer Cádiz, Spain program with UH Hispanic Studies counts as an Affiliated Program, so use the instructions for Affiliated Programs.
Document Faculty-Led Reciprocal Exchange Affiliated/Other Student Organization Service-Learning

Program Acceptance Letter

-Save as PDF

No Required Required No
Image Release Form Required Required Required Required
Release and Indemnification Form Required Required Required Required
Student Conduct Abroad Agreement Required Required Required Required
Photocopy of Passport Required Required Required Required
Health Disclosure Form Required No No Required
Academic Agreement No Required Required No
Language Agreement No   Required if taking a language other than Spanish       Required if taking a language other than Spanish   No
Learning Abroad GPA Waiver If GPA is 2.0 to 2.499 If GPA is 2.0 to 2.499 If GPA is 2.0 to 2.499 No

International  CISI Insurance medical and emergency coverage or equivalent required*

Required Required Required Required

International Health and Emergency Insurance is required for ALL students participating in Learning Abroad programs. Many Affiliated Programs include sufficient coverage in the required program fees. If you are unsure of whether your program includes Health and Emergency Insurance, please contact your program provider or Learning Abroad.
Square away all those last-minute details before you leave
During the months, weeks, and days prior to departure for program
  1. Attend mandatory Pre-departure Orientation
    • Specific information regarding Pre-departure Orientation can be found on our Important Dates page
  2. Pay mandatory fees by due date
    • Contact Learning Abroad for questions regarding fees, which were outlined on your Affidavit Form
  3. Register with Smart Traveler Enrollment Program
    • Only for U.S. Citizens
    • Optional, but we strongly urge students to register
    1. Create an account
    2. Register your trip with as many details as possible
    3. Update as necessary when plans change or when do any extra travel
Things to keep in mind while you're abroad
During your time abroad
  • (For students NOT in a Faculty-Led program) Notify Learning Abroad of any changes in the courses you are taking
    • If you registered for a new course that you do not have a Course Equivalency Form for, it is in your best interest to complete an updated Course Equivalency Form via email as soon as possible
    • Late registration fees of $20 may apply
  • Take your academics seriously
    • If you are having academic trouble, seek help!  
    • Keep in mind that your grades from abroad will affect your GPA and   not  count  as Pass/Fail courses
  • Are you homesick? 
  • Adhere to the Student Code of Conduct
    • You are representing the University of Houston and the United States of America so please make good choices
  • Know your resources
Please carefully review the following information regarding what you need to know and/or do after you return
As soon as possible after you return to Houston

Make Corrections to Course Equivalency Form (if necessary)

  • If you completed a Course Equivalency Form to receive credit from a non-Faculty-Led program, ensure that your program transcripts are sent to Learning Abroad and not to any other office on campus.
    • If transcripts are sent to other offices on campus there is no guarantee that they will end up in our office. This will severely delay processing of your grades.
  • If the courses you took abroad do not match what you received permission for on your Course Equivalency Form, you will need to complete an updated form and send it to Learning Abroad as soon as possible.
    • If a class on your transcript does not appear on your Course Equivalency Form(s) you will not receive credit for it.
    • We will email you if we have any questions regarding your Course Equivalency Form or transcript. 

Follow Up with Language Faculty (if applicable)

  • If you took a language other than Spanish, you will need to follow up with the language professor who signed your Course Equivalency Form.
  • Most language departments outside of Spanish require testing upon return from your program to ensure that you have learned what you needed to during your program abroad.
  • This is required, and grades cannot be posted until Learning Abroad receives permission from the appropriate faculty member.
  • Do this as soon as possible after return from your program.

Program Evaluation

  • Please complete a program evaluation as soon as you can after your program ends. This assists us in advising future students and in continuing to offer high quality programs.  Program evaluation coming soon!

Get Involved (optional)

  • Volunteering at Open Houses, Fairs, Tabling Events, Pre-departure Orientations
  • Apply to be a Global Guide