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Global Guides

Global Guides

What are Global Guides?

Global Guides serve as ambassadors for Learning Abroad at on-campus events, mentor fellow students on learning abroad program opportunities, and assist with office events and initiatives. The Global Guides have either lived abroad or have participated in a learning abroad program in the past. They are an excellent resource for students who Karen’t sure how to decide on a program or who want first-hand information about a particular program or geographical location. Please review the bios below to see if there is a Global Guide that best matches your interests and check the schedule below to see when their shift is. All walk-in hours are hosted in Learning Abroad, Ezekiel W. Cullen Bldg., Suite 105.

Office hours for the 2017-2018 school year are Monday - Thursday, 1pm-3pm in the Learning Abroad office. 

Global Guides Availability:

Global Guides have office hours Monday-Friday 1pm-3pm in the Learning Abroad Office.

You can also email the Global Guides directly, to a specific member or to the entire group, with questions about a program or a request to meet one on one about a specific program outside of office hours. Their email is


Global Guides Biographies:



Athar H. 


Major: Finance

Class Year: Senior

Learning Abroad Program: Florianópolis, Brazil with ISA; Affiliated Program

International Experience: Brazil; India; Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The best part of going to Brazil was the beautiful scenery I saw and the locals that I met and became friends with. I want to be a Global Guide because I want to encourage students to partake in a great opportunity that will change your life. 


Brian A. 


Major: English Literature

Minor: Journalism

Class Year: Senior

Learning Abroad Program: Kukulkan Spanish Language School in Cuernavaca, Mexico; Affiliated Program

International Experience: Mexico

Traveling to Mexico this past summer was perhaps the best experience Ive embarked in. I got to meet so many new friends from UH and try the delicious food that Mexico has to offer. I was able to be fully immersed in the culture and this helped alot when learning Spanish. I encourage those interested in traveling to Mexico to not be afraid to expand their horizons and to be ready to be fully immersed in the experience because it is one that is simply unforgettable.


Eliyah O. 


Major: Anthropology

Minor: Asian American Studies

Class Year: Senior

Learning Abroad Program: Japanese Studies in Tokyo with CIEE, Japan; Affiliated Program 

International Experience: Japan, Vietnam, Canada

The best part of being abroad was getting to experience life outside of America. While reading and watching films on other countries gives you an idea of how others live throughout the world, nothing is comparable to being immersed and experiencing different parts of the globe first hand. Studying Abroad has stirred in me the desire to go out and explore the world even further.

Estela C. 


Major: Biomedical and Biophysical Sciences

Minor: Chemistry and Spanish for the Global Professions

Class Year: Junior

Learning Abroad Program: Mediterranean Culture: Rome and Barcelona with CISAbroad 

International Experience: Italy, Spain, Paris, and Mexico

Personal Statement: It is difficult to pinpoint the best part of my experience abroad. I must to say it was a combination of independence, meeting people and the beautiful scenery and landmarks I saw. It was the everyday experiences that made my study abroad trip so memorable. It was very humbling to explore the streets of cities that are so rich in culture and history. Although I did partake in the typical tourist attractions, like tossing a coin at the Trevi Fountain or the cheesy pose at Leaning Tower of Pisa, I also enjoyed shopping, eating and traveling as the locals did. This trip sparked my wanderlust and I hope I can help other students embark on their own learning abroad journey.

Fatema S. 


Major: Finance, Pre-Law

Class Year: Junior

Learning Abroad Program: Semester in Prague, Czech Republic with USAC; Affiliated Program

International Experience: I've visited Canada, Mexico, India, Iraq, Qatar, Turkey, France, Greece, and England on family vacations; I participated in a service-learning medical brigade to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador; lastly, during my semester abroad, I had the chance to explore the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia, and the Netherlands. 

My favorite part of my experience abroad, besides the food, inexpensiveness, new friends, and ease of travel, was just the everyday experiences of living in a foreign country, especially one that's overflowing with culture and history. Studying textbooks, learning languages, and even watching movies are all good ways to get a feel for the culture and lifestyle of a place, but nothing beats real-life experiences. Traveling and studying abroad has exposed me to new customs, traditions, and languages; helped me develop as a person; and introduced me to lifelong friends. Traveling has always been my favorite method of education and I hope I can help students realize that it doesn't have to break the bank or set back graduation, and it can open a lot of doors in virtually any field of interest.

Johnny Z.  


Major: Double Degrees in History/Spanish double major and Political Science

Class Year: Senior

Learning Abroad Program: Year abroad at ADA University in Baku Azerbaijan; Reciprocal Exchange Program

International Experience: Azerbaijan, China, Georgia, Mexico, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom

Connecting with locals through a cup of tea and discussing the many things that make us human and learning that we are all the same and have similar experiences regardless of our nationality or cultural background. 

Julia B.  


Major: Human Development & Family Studies; EC-6 Generalist Teaching Certification

Class Year: Senior

Learning Abroad Program: Semester in Melbourne, Australia with ISA; Affiliated Program

International Experience: Lived in Frankfurt Germany, traveled to Indonesia, Belgium, Austria, The Netherlands, Australia, Belize, Honduras, Mexico, Costa Rica

The best part of my experience abroad was getting the chance to meet new people from all over the world and from all walks of life. I love to learn about new cultures and experience everything I can about different parts of the world.

Justice C. 


Major: Mathematics & English Literature

Class Year: Senior

Learning Abroad Program: Semester abroad at Swansea University in Swansea, Wales; Reciprocal Exchange Program

International Experience: London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, South Wales

The best part of my experience abroad was the freedom of being on my own. There are tons of people to help, but learning how to get around Rome by myself or being able to spend hours in the Louvre without my mother moving quickly was an experience I won't forget. I want to be a Global Guide so I can help other Cougars realize that Learning Abroad is a challenge worth accepting, and that their fears of loneliness and financing their trip are valid, but possible to overcome.

Lorelee G. 


Major: English

Class Year: Junior

Learning Abroad Program: Year abroad at Swansea University in Swansea, Wales; Reciprocal Exchange Program

International Experience: UK, France, Ireland, Mexico

Studying in Wales for a year was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I turned 21 in a different country which was a new experience. I was able to travel to Ireland, France, London, and even a few local cities which Wales is known for. I had the opportunity to make international friends that I still keep in touch with even today. Learning abroad has been one of the most transformative and amazing experiences of my college years.

Lupita G. 


Major: Broadcast Journalism

Class Year: Senior

Learning Abroad Program: French language program in Angers, France; UH Faculty-Led Program

International Experience: France, Mexico

The best part of going abroad for me was being able to exercise my knowledge of the French language. Having been enrolled in French classes since High School,  I never really got to practice much outside of the classroom. Being in France, I became more confident in my skills after practicing my speaking amongst locals, with my professors, and with my host family.  Although it is difficult and I still can't quite consider myself fluent, being able to understand for the most part when someone is speaking French to me is rewarding.