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Program Search

Program Search

Please review the notes, instructions, and tips before accessing the Learning Abroad Program Search.


  • You will need to use your CougarNet login credentials (not your PeopleSoft ID) to access this database. 
    • If that does not work, try adding "cougarnet\" before your CougarNet ID.
  • This database is a work in progress. It was created manually, and errors may exist. Please notify Learning Abroad of any errors that require correcting. 
  • This database is for preliminary program search purposes only and may not be as up-to-date as the websites of program providers, faculty leaders, or exchange partners. 
  • Learning Abroad is not liable for the accuracy of the information within this database- it is the responsibility of the student to confirm specific details with the program provider, exchange institution, or faculty leader.
  • This database was created using Microsoft SharePoint, and is thus optimized to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge web browsers.
  • Functionality may be limited on mobile devices.
  • Safari users have reported issues logging into the system. Use of another browser is highly recommended.

Program Search Instructions

1- To locate the program search, use the left-hand navigation within SharePoint and select "Search Programs" under "Lists". 

 SharePoint 1 - Copy.png

Note: The number and names of links available under "Lists" in the left-hand navigation may be different for each user. Many of the other links that are visible will not be available.

2- Some search fields, such as Disciplines(s) Available, Region(s), Language(s) Available, Program Theme, and Program is Faculty - Preferred, are available in the Key Filters area, in the lower half of the left-hand navigation. If you wish to filter by one of these fields you MUST use the Key Filters function. To filter by other columns, review step 3 below.



  • One (and only one) option must be selected from at least one of the filters, however you may include information in one (and only one) option each in as many as all five of the filters.
  • The combination of Key Filters used will generate a selection of programs using "AND" logic.
    • For example: When Discipline(s) Available is set to Accounting and Region(s) is set to Asia, the results will only show programs in Asia that offer accounting courses.

3- Other fields, such as Program Type, UH College, Provider/Leader, Country/Countries, City/Cities, Program Name, Program Term, Program Year, and Housing Type must be selected using Column Header Filters, as shown below. To utilize this function, hover your cursor over the column header. The column header will highlight itself and a black arrow will appear to the right of the column header. Click that black arrow to show the list of options from which you can choose. Only one option per column may be active at one time. When you select a filter option, the database will automatically narrow down your selection without pressing any additional buttons. To clear the filter, select "Clear Filter from (Column Name)" in the drop-down menu of that column header.



  • The more filters used, the more limited the results will be. Some searches may return zero results while others return over 100 results.
    • If you see too many results, consider adding one or more options to the Key Filters or Column Header Filters.
    • If you see too few results, consider removing one or more options from the Key Filters or Column Header Filters.
  • Key Filters and Column Header Filters can be combined, however each will need to be cleared separately.
  • Some combinations will always return zero results.
    • If you search for programs with South America for the Region in the Key Filters but then add New Zealand as the Country in the Column Header Filters, your search will return zero results.

Database Key and Tips

Program Link: An active hyperlink to the program's website. Extra navigation may be necessary to locate the specific program, however the link provided should be close.

Program Type: There are three types of program that UH students can participate in.

  • Faculty-Led Programs
    • Typically short-term programs
    • May require affiliaton with a particular college or academic department
    • Tuition (when applicable) is paid directly to UH at your regular tuition rate
    • Other program fees (accommodations, meals, in-country transportation, airfare) are separate from tuition and in some cases are paid to a third-party provider
  • Reciprocal Education Exchange Program (REEP)
    • Typically for Spring and/or Fall term, however limited opportunities exist during the summer.
    • May require affiliation with a particular college or academic department
    • Tuition is paid directly to UH at your regular tuition rate
    • Other program fees (accommodations, meals, in-country transportation) are separate from tuition and are not paid to UH
    • Airfare is not included
  • Affiliated Programs
    • An umbrella term used for any program that is neither Faculty-Led nor Reciprocal Exchange
    • The options listed in this program search are third-party affilated providers
      • Each program, provider, location, and affiliated institution have their own admission requirements, costs, perks, and services available
    • Other programs (non-affiliated providers or overseas institutions that UH does not currently have a Reciprocal Education Exchange Program Agreement with) will not appear in this database
      • Students are encouraged to pursue programs from this database over programs that are not in this database due to quality control and accreditation
    • May require affiliation with a particular major or educational background
    • Tuition and fees are paid directly to the program provider or overseas institution as directed
    • Other program fees (accommodations, meals, in-country transportation) may or may not be included in the overall program fee due to the third-party directly
    • Airfare is typically not included

College: For Faculty-Led and REEP programs only. If Faculty-Led, this will indicate the college of the program leader. If exchange, this will indicate the college the students must be a part of to participate in the exchange program. If blank, this information is unknown or does not apply.

Provider/Leader: The name of the third-party affiliated program provider or faculty leader. If blank, this information is unknown or does not apply.

Region: The geographic region of the world in which the program takes place. Some programs have multiple Regions listed. This is either because the program takes place in more than one region (traveling) or the program takes place in a geographically ambiguous location (Turkey is sometimes considered to be part of the Middle East, but is somtimes considered to be part of Europe or Asia. 

Country/Countries: If there is more than one country listed it is usually a traveling program that takes place in each country listed.

City/Cities: If there is more than one city listed it is usually a traveling program that takes place in each city listed.

Program Name: Used to differentiate between programs by the same provider that occur in the same city. If a university is listed, it is because that particular provider offers multiple programs at different universities in the area. This can also be used for the name of Faculty-Led programs where applicable.

Program Term: Indicates which term(s) programs are available. Please note that not all academic calendars align with UH or even US academic calendars (many "spring" programs in Japan and Germany start in March and go until late July). If "flexible", it usually means that it is an intensive language immersion program that lasts one month or it does not otherwise fit into other categories.

Program Year: This is typically only used for Faculty-Led programs to differentiate between years that each Faculty-Led program is offered. For Winter programs, use the calendar year that matches the Spring term that immediately follows it. For example, if a program happens over winter break in 2016-2017, consider that a Winter 2017 program. If a program happens over winter break in 2018-2019, consider that a Winter 2019 program.

Program Theme: A description of the academic component(s) available for the program. Some programs may have multiple listed.

  • Courses
    • Academic courses are offered and may be taken for credit in most cases.
  • Language Immersion:
    • Focuses primarily on language acquisition. Other non-language courses may be available. These programs may or may not take place on a college campus, will take place with mostly other students from the U.S., and classes are often taught by faculty from local institutions.
  • Direct Enroll
    • Programs where the student will be enrolled directly at an overseas institution and will take classes with local students.
  • Internship
    • The program is a stand-alone internship that usually has an academic course to go with it. Internships can often be taken for credit but may be available not for credit.
  • Service-Learning
    • An educational, sustainable, and high-impact volunteer program. These are typically offered in impoverished communities. Service-Learning programs can often be taken for credit but may be available not for credit.
  • Teaching
    • Often teaching English as a Second Language, however some other teaching opportunities may be available.
  • Mission-Based Program
    • International Studies Abroad (ISA) offers a unique opportunity to combine a traditional learning abroad program with mission work in various locations around the world. For more information, review the ISA Veritas page.
  • Internship with Courses
    • Combines courses with an internship opportunity.
  • Service-Learning with Courses
    • Combines courses with a Service-Learning Opportunity.
  • Research
    • Provides opportunities for undergraduate students to assist with ongoing research projects around the world. Many research projects require a solid background in a particular field and/or a high GPA.
  • Other/None
    • The program does not fit into any of the above categories. Examples of other include attendance or presentations at an international conference, attendance at a film festival, etc.

Language(s) Available: Sometimes language courses are cumpulsory and other times language courses are optional. If a language is listed here, it means courses are either offered in that language or that courses exist to help you learn that language.

Discipline(s) Available: Many of these are extremely specific, however some are more general. If "English" is included, it does not necessarily mean the course is taught in English- it may be a literature or other related course). "Business General" and "Engineering General" are selected for programs that have any business or engineering courses, respectively. 

Housing Type: Lists the option(s) for housing where applicable. Not all programs provide housing, and not all housing is included in the standard program price. Meals may or may not be included.

Program is Faculty-Preferred: A small number of courses have been verified by the appropriate UH faculty members and academic departments. Regardless of "Yes" or "No", students should follow the proper procedures for obtaining permission for particular learning abroad programs from the applicable department(s) before applying to a program.