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Program Map

Try out our Program Map! Here, you can select from one or more of the following areas of study and browse geographical areas:

  • Spanish Language Programs
  • Language Programs (non-Spanish)
  • Business / Economics
  • STEM Programs
    • Science
    • Technology
    • Engineering
    • Mathematics
  • Internships & Service Learning
  • Education Programs
  • Hospitality & Tourism Programs
  • Architecture & Design Programs
  • Professional / Pre-Professional / Health
    • Health
    • Law

*Note: Not all program options are shown on the program map. 


  • To select or de-select an area of study, click the button in the top left corner of the map widget. A list of the areas of study will appear in a panel on the left. Click the same button to hide the panel.
  • You can view a full-screen map by clicking the button in the top right corner of the map widget. This will open the map in a new window.
  • You can select as many areas of study as you want. 
  • Several programs are cross-posted between areas of study.
  • When you select an icon, you should see a list of live links to program provider and partner university websites for each city, as applicable. Some cities only have one option while others have many.
  • Some locations have multiple pins within the same area of study (eg. Accra, Ghana has both Law and Health) so you may want to zoom in very close or review the drop down list under the areas of study menu. Note that this list is not in alphabetical order.

Please note that this is a work in progress and updates are being made each week. Come back at a later time for updates on Arts, Liberal Arts & Social Sciences programs.