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Blaffer: The Future Is Certain, Anton Vidokle

Thursday, May 31, 2018 6 pm - 8 pm

Immortality for All: A Film Trilogy on Russian Cosmism by Anton Vidokle
The Future Is Certain; It’s the Past Which Is Unpredictable
Exhibitions on view through Saturday, August 11

Blaffer Art Museum is re-launching the summer run of two exhibitions, “Immortality for All: A Film Trilogy on Russian Cosmism by Anton Vidokle” and “The Future Is Certain; It’s the Past Which Is Unpredictable,” on Thursday, May 31. At 6:30 p.m. Toby Kamps, Jane Dale Owen Director and Chief Curator, will give a gallery talk to provide further insight into the two shows.

About the Exhibitions

Founded by an eccentric Moscow librarian in the 19th century, the philosophy of Cosmism posits that the common task of all forward-looking peoples is to solve the problem of death and, eventually, to resurrect the dead. Combining ideas from the Western Enlightenment, Eastern philosophy, Russian Orthodox religion and Marxism, Cosmism inspired a wide range of thinkers, including the founder of the Soviet space program. Scanning Siberian, Kazakh and White Sea landscapes for its influences in Soviet-era art, architecture and engineering, the artist searches for contemporary traces of Cosmisms legacy in “Immortality for All: A Film Trilogy by Anton Vidokle.”

For more information, visit http://blafferartmuseum.org/anton_vidokle/.

“The Future Is Certain; It’s the Past Which Is Unpredictable” is a group exhibition features work that exposes the way history can be shaped by mythmakers — including authority figures and governments — to influence the course of the future. 

For more information, visit http://blafferartmuseum.org/the-future-is-certain/.


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