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In partnership with Fresh Arts

Funding Strategies for Arts Projects

Led by Susannah Mitchell, Executive Director of the Washington Avenue Arts District

@ University of Houston FA110

Friday, March 31, 2017  // 10:00am to Noon

Got a great creative idea but you need a little support to get it off the ground? Fundraising can be overwhelming, but getting the money for your upcoming art project may be simpler than you think. Join Fresh Arts and Susannah Mitchell, arts fundraising powerhouse and Executive Director of the Washington Avenue Arts District, for an overview workshop on strategies and resources for individual artists seeking funds to support their professional art career. 

This workshop will explore:  

  • traditional and new models for funding creative practices 
  • identifying grant opportunities (including several key local opportunities), 
  • increasing accessibility to additional funding through fiscal sponsorship,  
  • securing individual contributions and institutional support. 
  • tips for creating and managing successful crowd-funding campaigns,
  • case studies of how local artists have successfully raised money for their projects. 


Early registration: (ends Thurs., March 30 at Noon)  - $5/members & UH Students :: $10/non-members

Late registration: (after noon, Tues., March 30 or at the door) - $10/members & UH Students :: $20/non-members

UH Students: email for the discount code.