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Practicum Program Requirements

The MA in Arts Leadership degree requires 36 semester credit hours of coursework and a final 6-credit hour Practicum placement.

All students will be required to complete a Practicum within an established, professional, arts organization in in the greater Houston area. The Practicum Program, provides the student with a meaningful and intensive on-the-job training experience in preparation for a leadership position while maintaining a student role, and provides the host organization with the opportunity to train and utilize future professionals in the non-profit and for-profit arts sector.

During the Practicum, the student is expected work 300 hours on the identified project in total. Time spent on the project should be divided however it works best for the student and the organization. Practicum projects can be completed at any time during the academic semesters of the MA Program or during the summer/winter breaks. A minimum of 15 core credit hours must be completed within the MA in Arts Leadership Program before the student undertakes the actual fieldwork, although the planning phase may begin earlier.

For further information on the Practicum Program please see the general outline document.

Practicum Overview

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