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Course Requirements

Students must meet TASP/THEA requirement in addition to other academic requirements.


UH - Core Requirements

42 Hours

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences - Requirements


Two Courses in one Foreign Language

6 Hours

2000 level course or above


Three Courses Outside of Major, Core,
and Language Requirements

9 Hours

Limit one course per field;
One 1000 level foreign language course qualifies


Completion of One of the Following Requirements:


Approved Minor


Second Major


Second Bachelor's Degree


Senior Honors Thesis


Major Requirements

45 Hours

Art History

36 Hours

ARTH 1380 Art and Society: Prehistoric to Gothic


Specific courses which fulfill other requirements
as well as major requirements.


ARTH 1381 Art and Society: Renaissance to Modern

Specific courses which fulfill other requirements
as well as major requirements.

ARTH 4388 Methods of Art History Research


27 additional hours of Art History


At least 15 of these 27 hours must be advanced (3000/4000 level)


A total of 36 advanced (3000 or 4000 level) semester hours must be completed for graduation


No more than one Critical Studies course (ARTH 3301, 3302, 3395 or 3396) may be applied
toward this degree requirement


Twelve hours (4 courses) must include at least one course from each of the following:

1. Ancient and Medieval
2. Renaissance, Baroque and 18th Century
3. 19th and 20th Centuries and Contemporary
4. Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas


Required Courses Outside of Art History

9 Hours

Three courses in any combination of humanities and social sciences, which may include History at the 2000-level
or above (not used for American History Core), Anthropology, or other courses within the College of Liberal Arts
and Social Sciences that have been approved by a full time Art History faculty member to support the student's
field of art historical interest. Check the undergraduate catalog and class schedule for possible courses and
contact Artadvising for procedures.


Electives to Meet Required Hours
for Graduation


Electives include hours to fulfill approved minor, second major, second bachelor's degree, or senior honors thesis.


Art History majors are encouraged to take studio art classes to help fulfill the elective hour total, which varies
for each student.


Total Hours for Program Completion

120 Hours