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Support Standards Overview

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this document is to communicate the standards that the Information Technology Support Center has developed for serving the University of Houston computing community.

Mission Statement

The Information Technology Support Center will become the premier technology customer support provider for the computing community of the University of Houston, supplying the best information technology support tools and services to contribute to the fulfillment of the university's mission and goals.


  • IT Support Center provides desktop consulting for Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
  • IT Support Center provides access to computing resources through accounts on IT enterprise systems.
  • IT Support Center provides enhanced computing support within colleges and divisions and enhanced communications between those groups and IT.
  • A Service Counter operation provides customer service for the IT Support Center, Video/Audio services, and Software Sales.
  • Anti-virus protection is provided for Windows and Macintosh operating systems through deployment of a site-licensed application, which may be downloaded by any member of the university community.