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Identity Finder Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Identity Finder?
Identity Finder is software that helps prevent identity theft by discovering sensitive data on computers. Identity Finder can discover:
Q: What type of files does Identity Finder search?
Identity Finder searches many file types including:
Q: Once sensitive data is discovered, what actions can be taken?
Q: What operating systems does Identity Finder run on?
Q: Who is eligible to use Identity Finder and how do I get the software?
Identity Finder is available to UH Faculty/Staff for use on UH-owned computers at no charge.  For instructions on how to get the Identity Finder software and which version to use, see How To Get Identity Finder.
Q: How do I install Identity Finder?
See How To Install Identity Finder
Q: How do I use Identity Finder to search for sensitive data?
See How To Use Identity Finder
Q: I am a college/division local IT support person. Where do I find information about using Identity Finder?
See Information for Technical Support Providers to help you use Identity Finder within your area.
Q: What if I need help with Identity Finder?
For help with Identity Finder installed on a UH-owned computer, contact your college/division local IT support staff or contact the UIT Support Center at 713-743-1411 or by email at For help with Identity Finder installed on a personal computer, visit Identity Finder Home Edition's Online Help.