Web Server Start Up

1) Dedicate a server.

A dedicated server is one that can be accessed 24 hours a day, and is used solely for providing a specific service (i.e. is not used as a personal computer). If your information is critical, you may want to have a backup server as well.

2) The server must run some form of HTTP server software.

Currently, HTTP software is written for most operating systems, including DOS, Mac OS, UNIX and Windows. Information Technology has purchased a site license for MacHTTP. Other versions of HTTP software can be downloaded from various locations around the Internet.

3) Connect the server to ethernet.

The server will need to be connected to the campus ethernet backbone. Non-ethernet speeds are inadequate for WWW servers. To request an ethernet connection, call 743-1544.

4) Get a fixed IP address and Domain Name for your server.

Contact the Hostmaster (hostmaster@uh.edu) to get a fixed IP address and Domain Name. Currently this process is done manually and may take several weeks. IT is working on an automated system.

5) Make sure you comply with UH graphic standards.

Before your server is connected to the UH home page, you must be in full compliance with the graphic standards set forth by the Office of the President as defined in the Graphic Standards Manual published by UH Office of Publications and Marketing Communications. If there is not a manual in your area, please contact the Office of Publications at 743-8170.

6) Get your server linked to the UH server.

Once these steps have been taken, contact Diane Trippel (DTrippel@uh.edu) to have your server connected to the main UH server.