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The UH Central Web server,, includes PHP as a resource for Web developers. PHP is a powerful scripting language that enables Web developers to add dynamic content to their Web pages. Below is a list of resources where you can learn more about PHP and how to use it.

Before attempting to use PHP, customers should be aware that the IT Support Center does not support PHP. Consequently, customers should be sure that they have appropriate support resources in their own group before incorporating PHP on their Web sites.

PHP Security

Before you start creating ANY PHP scripts on the Central Web Server, you should be fully aware of the security implications of creating dynamic pages. Please review our section on PHP Security for more information.

How to get PHP to work on

  • Save executables as .php
  • There is no central database on, however you can use PHP to connect to your remote MySQL or Oracle databases.

Note: Sensitive information (social security numbers, usernames or password) should never be stored in unauthorized remote databases. For more information contact Information Technology Security.

Stay Informed

Occasionally Web Technologies will make upgrades and enhancements to the Central Web Server, It is important that PHP developers are aware of these upgrades and enhancements. You can stay informed of these changes by submitting your email address below.

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Introduction to PHP

General PHP Resources

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