Lync Phone Matrix

UIT offers a number of Lync hard phones. You are encouraged to review the comparison matrix below to determine which phone best suits your needs.

  CX300 CX500 CX600 CX700 CX3000
High definition audio for best possible voice calls X X X X X
Convenient buttons for controlling calls X X X X
Driver-less plug and play installation X
Ideal for lobbies X
Ideal for hallways X
Ideal for break rooms X
Access calendar X X X
Join meetings X X X X X
Gain access to personal contact information X X X
Color touch screen display X
Log-in fingerprint swipe X
Menu navigation wheel X
Speakerphone X X X X
Headset support X X X
3.5-inch QVGA Color LCD X X
3.5-inch Color TFT LCD X
5.7-inch amorphous- TFT Active-Matrix Transmissive Color LCD X
Wall mountable X X
Status indicator X X X X
Message waiting indicator X X X
View contacts (Federated) and Corporate Directory users X X X X
PIN authentication X X X
Add multiple people to an existing call X X X X
Transfer calls to mobile phone X X X X

For Lync related questions or problems, send email to