Hard Phones

Before your department is migrated to Lync, our deployment team helps determine which phone best meets your communication practices, staffing, office configuration, common areas and conference rooms.

Available phones include:

• CX300 - Connects to your computer via USB. The CX300 is powered by your computer which means when your computer is off, your phone will not work. This phone identifies you using the Lync client. The client must be open and you have to be signed-in to the client for this phone to work.
• CX500 - Smaller but similar in function to the CX600, it is ideal for wall-mounting in common areas. It is not a speaker phone.

• CX600 - An Ethernet cable plugs directly into this phone. The CX600 does not need to connect to a computer. This phone is powered by the Ethernet or a/c adapter.

• CX700 - Distributed to customers who are not on CougarNet. The CX700 does not offer full unified communications features. It is limited to: make/receive calls, change status, check voice mail, and view a call log.

For Lync related questions or problems, send email to LyncSupport@uh.edu.