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Lync for Mac FAQ

My Lync for Mac is randomly dropping incoming and outgoing calls, and sometimes incoming calls go straight to voice mail without ringing. What is causing this?

Answer: The most recent version of Lync for Mac (version 14.05) is known to cause the behavior you described. If you or Microsoft auto-update upgraded your installation of Lync to version 14.05, UIT recommends you downgrade to version 14.04. For downgrading instructions, see UIT document Lync for Mac Downgrade – 14.05 to 14.04 [pdf].

I am transferring to a new department. What is the procedure for obtaining a new phone number?

Answer: Phone numbers are now assigned to people. Similar to the handling of an email address, you keep the same phone number during your time with UH. When you transfer to a new department, there ought to be a phone for you to sign-in to (CX600) or plug-in to (CX300) your computer. Department phone numbers stay with the department. If you are currently signed-in to a phone, sign-out before you move to your new department.

After listening to a voice mail message on my phone, how can I forward that message to a co-worker?

Answer: While the message is playing or when it ends, say “Forward to [first name, last name]”, then hang up or wait for more options.

How do I make a long distance call using my soft phone (Lync client)?

Answer: In the Search field, using your keyboard, enter a domestic long distance number or 011 followed by an international long distance number and press <return> . In the Conversation Window that opens, click the keypad icon Keypad. After the long distance number is dialed, one or two beeps can be heard. After hearing the beep(s), enter your long distance authorization code in the keypad.

I am now using my new Lync phone. I just remembered there is a voice mail message on my old phone that I need. Is it possible to access my old voice mail box?

Answer: Yes. Your old voice mail box can be accessed for up to 72 hours after receiving your Lync phone. To access your old voice mail box, call the appropriate voice mail access number, enter your extension and follow the prompts. If you used a Rolm phone, dial x38400. If you used an IP phone, dial x29400. For help using the old voice mail system, see UIT documents: UH Voice Messaging for ROLM Phones Quick Check and UH Voice Messaging for Cisco IP Phones Quick Check.

How do I transfer a call to a voice mailbox?

Answer: In the Conversation window of your soft phone, click the Transfer button and select Another Person or Number. A window appears listing your Contacts. Hover over the Contact to whom you want to transfer the call. Click the down arrow located next to the Call button. Select Voice Mail from the drop-down menu.

How can I add a long distance number to a conference call using my Macintosh soft phone?

Answer: It is not possible.

How do I update the Contact information for a non-UH personal contact in Lync?

Answer: It is not possible to update Contact information using only Lync, you must also use Outlook. In Lync, right-click on the Contact you want to update and select Add to Outlook from the menu. An Outlook Contact Card appears with the Contact’s information. Using the Outlook Contact Card, add a name for the Contact or update other information. Click Save & Close. Exit and restart Lync to see the updated Contact information.

How can I copy my Outlook Contacts to Lync?

Answer: It is not possible to copy Contacts from Outlook to Lync. To add an Outlook Contact to Lync, using your hard phone or soft phone (client software), search for the name of the person you want to add to Lync. Lync will search your Outlook Contacts. Mac users must use their soft phone to search Outlook Contacts. When the Contact’s name appears, add the person to your Lync Contacts. Consult the appropriate user guide at for instructions on how to search for a Contact and how to add a Contact to Lync.

How is Lync different from my existing phone service?

Answer: The unified communications system provided by Microsoft Lync utilizes the Internet as the transmission medium via an infrastructure of hardware, software and high-speed fiber optic cabling. The prior system was a voice-only Private Branch Exchange (PBX) telecommunications system that utilized a copper cabling infrastructure.

Will we continue to be billed for phone service?

Answer: By migrating from the ROLM system, UIT will eliminate billed phone service and will replace each existing ROLM phone with a Lync hard phone and/or Lync soft phone with a headset at no cost.

How can I learn more about how to use Lync?

Answer: Visit our training page to view user guides and video tutorials. 

What will happen to the old Cisco and Rolm phones?

Answer: UIT has contracted through the Property Management Division with an outside vendor to dispose of the phones in a responsible manner.

Why am I unable to send a long distance fax since our campus started using Lync?

Answer: The relocation of analog phone lines from the University Center Underground has affected long distance faxing.  When sending a long distance fax, press the <pause> button on your fax machine before entering your long distance code.  Another method is to enter the number you are faxing to and press <dial>.  After the fax machine dials the number, listen for a faint beep, and then enter your long distance code.

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