Frequently Asked Questions

Who is authorized to use the lab?

The lab is available to students currently enrolled at the University of Houston. Proof is provided by presenting a valid Cougar Card at the front desk of the lab. (Cougar Card is the university's student ID card. If you have not received your Cougar Card, you should go to room 279 University Center (UC) to receive your Cougar Card.)

How do I log onto the computers at the Technology Commons?

You'll need a computer account to log onto the Windows computers. Accounts are available at the IT Support Center service counter located in the Tech Commons (back entrance of the MD Anderson Library).

I worked on a program elsewhere on campus, but it won't work at the Technology Commmons. What's wrong?

The main reason for this is that the version of the software was different than what is available at the Technology Commons.

Why can't I copy material to a CD-RW?

CD-RWs need to be formatted prior to use, just like diskettes.

I use Microsoft Works at home. Can I use those files at the Technology Commons?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Microsoft Works uses a different file format than Word or Excel. One option is to save files in a RTF format when using Works. The other Microsoft programs available will read that format.

Why can't I log onto that computer?

Check to make sure that you are logging into the correct domain on the logon screen. If you have forgotten your password, call the IT Support Center at 713-743-1411 to have your password reset.

How do I get additional software added to the computers at the Technology Commons?

Only properly licensed software is installed at the Technology Commons. Should there be other software that you'd like to see loaded, contact the lab manager at Should there be enough demand for the software, it will be evaluated to determine cost and deployability on the computers.

What do I do if I experience a problem?

Contact the personnel at the front desk if you encounter a problem with either hardware or software. Please do not attempt to fix the problem yourself.

How will UniPrint work?

When users submit their print job to a printer, they also attach a simple password. To release their print job, they swipe their Cougar Card at the release station near the printer, and enter the simple password. Staff members are always available to assist. Each user is allowed 503 pages each semester at no charge. Once a user has reached 503 pages, he/she will be charged $0.0149 a page. Color printing is available for twenty cents/page ($0.20).

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