Conference Calls

Our Autel Quick Talk Audio Bridge is a "MeetMe Conference" system, which allows up to twelve callers to enter a secure conference session. For more than twelve callers, special arrangements need to be made.

UIT currently has a limited number of conference sessions that can be scheduled by faculty or staff members, but only one conference session can be running at any given time. Please be aware that there are a few reserved conference sessions that may compete for the Audio Bridge's limited resources because they can be used at their conference organizers' discretion. Any difficulties in accessing a conference session should be reported to Network Operations at 713-743-1411.

The following topics are covered on this page:

General Policy

Requesting MeetMe Conference

  1. Fill out a Work Order Request to request a conference.
  2. Request a meeting by emailing Audio Bridge through Microsoft Outlook. Your email should contain the date and time for the session as well as its duration.
  3. An agent will then check the availability. Once the availability is checked, you will be given a Conference Session Telephone Number and a Conference Session PIN Number.
  4. Call the Conference Session Telephone Number at the time of the conference and follow the instructions.


Rate per session:

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