Configure SSH Secure Shell

Note: If creating a new secure connection, follow the steps below. If modifying an existing connection to make it secure, select the existing connection and only make the changes necessary to make your connection match the examples below.

  • From the File menu, select Profiles.
  • Select Add Profile from the list.
  • Enter a name for the new profile - giving it a name that will have meaning to you.
  • Click Add to Profiles.
  • From the File menu, select Profiles, then Edit Profiles.
  • Select the new profile you created from the list of profiles.
Secure Shell Profiles Dialog Box

Enter the following values for a secure connection:

  • Host name: or
  • User name: your_userid
  • Port number: 22
Profiles Dialog Box with Proper Information

Click OK.

A window similar to the following will appear after a successful connection has been made.

Successful Secure Login Screen


Connection Failure - The host '' is unknown.

Connection Failure Dialog Box

There's a problem in the Host name. Check for errors in spelling and special characters. Fix any errors and try again.

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