Microsoft SharePoint is a suite of tools that allow for online collaboration, including file sharing, website creation, data storage and retrieval, and workflow processes. The University of Houston has deployed Share.UH, a complete SharePoint 2010 infrastructure that allows technology partners across the organization to manage their own, independent site collections. Anyone who would like to have a site collection created for their division, department, college, or workgroup should familiarize themselves with the new site collection page (this link requires authentication in the form of your Cougarnet ID; you should enter it as cougarnet\CougarnetID along with your Cougarnet password), then fill out the form linked on that page.

Once your site collection has been created, it can be used to create your own sites where faculty, staff, and students may collaborate electronically. If you have local IT support, they can administer your site collection, or you can contract with UIT to perform administration, design, and development services.  Some of SharePoint’s features include:

  • Document Libraries that include versioning of files and a check-in and out feature

    Document Library

  • Picture and slide libraries that show thumbnails of the images contained within


  • Shared tasks, contacts, calendars, announcements, and link lists


    Task List
  • Online discussion forums
  • Reporting features and KPI dashboards
  • Wiki libraries for documentation
  • Subsites for teams, departments, or collaboration around meetings and documents
  • Online access to Excel, Access, and Visio documents
  • Ability to create custom lists by importing a spreadsheet
  • Alerts that email you when things change
  • Workflows that can be created by non-programmers

For more information, visit Microsoft's SharePoint site

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