SkillPort Features

A few of the key features of the SkillPort eLearning system are described below.

Accessing a Course

From the SkillPort eLearning home page, the two easiest ways to find and initiate a particular course are:


Click on this link to drill down into the list of topic areas, courses, and titles available. Essentially, the Catalog acts as an Index listing all available courses.


Use this feature to identify learning objects by keyword. However, please note that the search feature is only as good as the degree to which the courses have been tagged with keywords, so you won't always find what you're looking for if you only use the search feature.

Also, the Search-and-Learn approach displays course components, not just courses, so you may sometimes find you are only looking at a SkillBrief (a summary of a skill) or a Job Aid (such as a checklist) rather than seeing the full course available on the topic in question.

Ask My Mentor

Ask My Mentor provides you with access to a mentor who can answer course and certification-related questions. Ask My Mentor is available for specific IT courses listed in the Catalog.

You can access mentor support by selecting a link from the course summary page, or from the Ask My Mentor button in the course player screen. You are then taken to the Ask My Mentor page, where you have a choice of entering into a chat or sending a question to your mentor via email. You can also access mentoring through special mentoring objects that appear in the Certification View of the Catalog and in SEARCH-and-LEARN.


Books24x7 provides access to the complete unabridged contents of thousands of the latest and best business and technology books. Referenceware collections include the full contents of premium reference books, reports, vendor documents and white papers from industry publishers. New titles are added every week, ensuring the largest and most current online reference content. Collections include:

ITPro: Topics include the latest programming languages, coding methodologies, network security, telecom protocols, IT asset management strategies, to name just a few.

BusinessPro: Topics range from leadership to writing business plans and from interviewing skills to project management.

OfficeEssentials: Provides latest information on standard office software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and more, in plain, easy-to-understand language.

My Plan

When you survey the courses available, you can create a Development Plan by saving the ones you are interested in to My Plan. Courses in your plan can be assigned to a Development Goal, and the system can also remind you when you planned to take a particular course.

  1. Select a learning event by going to the Catalog tab or by specifying a word or phrase using Search-and-Learn.
  2. Select the course you wish to add to your plan by clicking on the underlined name of the course, and the Course Summary page is displayed.
  3. Select Add this course to My Plan. You will be presented with a Details dialog that permits you to enter Due Date, Goal, and Reminder information.
  4. Click the Submit button, and the learning event is added to your plan.
  5. Click the Home tab, and the learning event is now listed under My Plan.

My Progress

Maintains a transcript of your course activity.


Identifies professional certifications, such as the Project Management Institute's PMP certification, that are supported by the courses.


Bibliography of books or other reference materials relating to particular topics.


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