Compressed Video Network (CVN) Guidelines

7. Maintenance/Enhancement of Equipment

The Compressed Video Network is not a static network. To remain viable, the network requires periodic enhancements and maintenance. Moreover, coordination involving key network components must occur quickly and flawlessly. To accomplish this, demarcation of primary support for equipment is essential. An environment of mutual cooperation is critical and will be maintained among all support providers.

7.1 Demarcation
The network demarcation point is the CODEC. The network, including the CODEC, will be considered the Backbone Network. All other equipment is considered Local Equipment. In some cases, a different demarcation point may be established for a specific site. This may be due to specialized equipment, integration needs, or other factors. The TECH/OPS committee may recommend a site-specific demarcation point be established at the time of design or approval for the network.

7.2 Backbone Network
The UH Department of Telecommunications provides primary support for the Backbone Network.

7.3 Local Equipment
The Local support entity has the primary responsibly for all Local Equipment and support. The Backbone Provider stands ready to support the local support organization and is available for assistance and consulting at all times.

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