Compressed Video Network (CVN) Guidelines

3. Local Support Provider

Local Support Providers are needed to be onsite during all video classes. If organizations do not yet have designated LSPs, they should secure them right away. LSPs should be trained and available to perform the duties outlined below.

3.1 Training

  1. At a minimum, LSPs should be trained in the basic operation of the CODEC, the Teleos equipment, as well as any site-specific equipment.
  2. LSPs should be familiar with the basic design of the underlying video network and how it operates.
  3. LSPs should be familiar with this support document, especially the sections on connection, disconnection and support procedures.

It is the responsibility of the site to train their LSPs. If training assistance is needed, the Video Analyst will be available for initial training. In addition, the Video Analyst will compile a training guide and checklist, which will be made available on the Web.

3.2 Responsibilities
LSPs should be responsible for ensuring that the following functions and conditions are satisfied for a video class:

  1. The room is ready with the door unlocked, lights at proper levels and all network and local equipment powered on and ready for use. If the CODEC and modems remain with power on, the LSP should warm start the CODEC and power cycle the modems at the beginning of each operational day.
  2. LSPs are responsible for contacting other LSPs and/or the BSP to identify problems and/or verify and confirm that the connection is established.
  3. LSPs are responsible for disconnecting or verifying that the connection is taken down PROMPTLY at the end of the video class.
  4. LSPs are responsible for monitoring the video class being conducted and being available during class.
  5. LSPs are responsible for introducing themselves to the class participants and identifying a method of contacting the LSP for support during the class.
  6. LSPs must ensure they have access to all site locations where electronic or network components are located.
  7. LSPs are responsible for maintaining a log of each video class. The log should indicate actual start and end time as well as any problems and the time encountered and their resolution or escalation. Each site log should be transmitted on a weekly basis to the TECH/OPS Listserv.
  8. LSPs are responsible for coordinating and scheduling with the UH-CVN scheduler all ad-hoc uses of the network. They should not allow demand dialing without first receiving network capacity approval from the UH-CVN scheduler.

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