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Secure Communication for Email

To meet information privacy regulations, the University of Houston is upgrading to an improved level of information security using secure communication to UH's central Exchange email server.

Secure Communication to UH's Central Exchange Server

To complete this upgrade, all computers that log into the central Exchange server must connect in the most secure manner available.

Connecting Using Email Software

This means turning on the secure connection options in the email software (such as Outlook Express, Entourage or Thunderbird) you are using to connect to Exchange.

The settings, which are necessary to provide a secure connection, can be found on the Exchange Settings for Email Software page. Please use these specific security settings now to ensure that your software works properly and that you are ready for the change.

Connecting Using a Web Browser

When connecting to the Exchange server through a web browser (such as Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox) this change will be automatic and you will not need to take any additional action to connect securely.

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