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Exchange Settings for Eudora

Software Versions

Eudora 6.2 for Mac and Windows have been the minimum successful versions working with secure connections to UH's central Exchange server.

Email Settings

User Name: your CougarNet or Exchange userid
E-mail Address: your e-mail address (don't leave blank)

Mail Server:
SMTP Server:

SSL for POP: Required (Alternate Port) 
SSL for SMTP: Required (TLS) 
SSL for IMAP: Required (Alternate Port) 

Standard Port SSL Negotiation: Maximum Compatibility
Alternate Port SSL Negotiation: Maximum Compatibility

"Allow authorization box" should be checked.


Problem with Eudora for Mac using POP

Some people have had a problem getting Eudora for Mac to connect to an Exchange server using a POP connection. One symptom is an error stating "-ERR Protocol error. 16."

Here is a way to resolve this problem:

  1. From within Eudora, from the File menu, select New Text Document.
  2. In the window that appears, enter this text: 
  3. After the entire text turns blue, double-click on the blue text.
  4. Click the Set Setting button.
  5. Quit and restart Eudora, and try checking your mail.

Eudora for Windows should not be affected by this problem.

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