What can AccessUH do for me?

AccessUH allows you to use your CougarNet ID to access many online services without logging into each one separately, including myUH (PeopleSoft), PASS, Blackboard Vista 8/Blackboard Learn 9, and Email (Exchange).  Access to services is based upon your role with the University.

Audience: All students, faculty, or staff with an existing CougarNet ID or myUH ID.  Applicants to the University may login with their myUH ID until a CougarNet ID is received upon registration of classes.

Anything I need to know?

  • Log In. Using your CougarNet ID to login will give you access to the most services. For your convenience, you can also use your myUH ID to use AccessUH. Please be aware that if you choose to use your myUH ID, you will not be able to access UH Exchange Email (
  • Forgot your Password. 
    • If you're using your CougarNet ID to login to AccessUH, you can reset the password at You must wait 10 minutes after the reset is performed before using the password. Please use the latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox.
    • If you want to use your myUH ID number to login to AccessUH with, you can reset the password at
  • Log Out. Logout of AccessUH by clicking the Logout button on the upper left corner of your AccessUH welcome page. Before logging out of AccessUH, be sure to logout of all other services you were using. Each service will be opened in its own browser window or tab.
  • Supported Browsers for AccessUH include the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera. Each application within AccessUH may have different browser support; see list of services for specific browser support on specific applications.
  • Suggest a new service that you would like to see in AccessUH.
  • See all AccessUH FAQs.

For more help with AccessUH

Contact UIT through Live Chat or by calling 713-743-1411.