Information Security Officer (ISO) - Responsibilities

Reports To:

Vice Chancellor/Vice President for Information Technology (VC/VPIT).

Primary Functions

Develop and administer system and information ownership; information and data classification guidelines; standards and procedures. Develop, establish and maintain standards, procedures and guidelines to promote the security and uninterrupted operation of computer-based application systems at University of Houston. Identify and address exposures to accidental or intentional destruction, disclosure, modification, or interruption of information that may cause serious financial and/or information loss to University of Houston. Be responsible for the protection of the University of Houston assets and information which are processed by or stored in University of Houston computerized information systems.

Specific Duties
  1. Manage the information security function in accordance with the established policies and guidelines.
  2. Report to the Vice Chancellor/Vice President for Information Technology.
  3. Establish and maintain information security standards and procedures in compliance with state information security and risk management policies, standards and guidelines.
  4. Function as an internal consulting resource on information security issues.
  5. Conduct the information security risk assessment program. Review compliance with the information security policy and associated procedures.
  6. Coordinate information security efforts with the Internal Audit Department.
  7. Provide periodic reporting on information security issues to the VC/VPIT.
  8. Coordinate security orientation and security awareness programs.
  9. Assist in coordinating contingency plan tests on a regular basis.