Responsibilities - Vice Chancellor/Vice President for Information Technology (VC/VPIT)


The security-related objectives of the Vice Chancellor/Vice President for Information Technology are to provide the information security function with a clear direction that is in conformance with the standards, policies and procedures developed for information security at the University of Houston.


The security-related purposes of the VC/VPIT are to:

Security-Related Authority and Functions
  1. Review status reporting by the Information Security Officer monitoring effectiveness of the existing security program, enforcement of policy and standards, and recommending specific courses of action.
  2. Review and approve the current and future plans for information security at University of Houston.
  3. Recommend a course of action in cases involving security incidents.
  4. Review and approve all non-compliance situations where assumption of risk is involved.
  5. Review annual risk assessment program and bring significant issues to the attention of other executives as appropriate.