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Policies and Guidelines

Testing the Recovery Plan

Last Updated: April 15, 2011
Reviewed: January 8, 2010


To ensure that the Recovery Plan is current, effective, and executable, a department must regularly test the Recovery Plan.


Departmental managers.

Process Overview

  1. Consider using a software application to assist with the process.
  2. Create schedules and budgets for update and maintenance activities.
  3. Define goals and objectives of the test.
  4. Define program status, reporting and audits.
  5. Select testing method(s).
  6. Conduct exercises.
  7. Evaluate exercises.
  8. Update the plan, as required.
  9. Schedule next testing exercise.

NOTE: To assist you with this process, you may:


The following links can be found on the UH Plant Operations web site: Environmental Health & Risk Management, "Business Continuity Planning"