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Policies and Guidelines

Acquiring Software

Last Updated: April 15, 2011
Reviewed: January 11, 2010


To achieve optimal efficiency and effective use of the technology in the workplace, a department must have a plan for the purchase of software.


Departmental management, technology staff, and users.

Process Overview

  1. Conduct a software needs assessment:
  2. Review and follow Property Management Overview.
  3. Review and follow Property Management's Acquisition of Capital Equipment.
  4. Develop departmental standards:
  5. Document your standards and communicate them within your unit.
  6. Establish a mechanism to ensure software licenses are acquired to satisfy your departmental requirements and safeguard your systems.
  7. Purchase software through a variety of ways:
  8. Ensure that the purchase of all software meets the requirements set forth in SAM, "The Ethical and Legal Use of Micro/Personal Computer Software."
  9. Refer to and follow the recommended guidelines for installing and configuring software (see IT Support Standards).
  10. Annually review software to ensure it is consistent with your departmental standards.