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We are still observing Active Directory binding issues with Mavericks, but many of the issues below appear to be resolved. We will continue to test and keep folks posted. Issues below remain to assist folks accordingly, but will potentially be rewritten to reflect resolved issues. Notably, most issues are due to vendors software - Mountain Lion offers the least amount of university/vendor issues at this time.


At this time, the University of Houston Information Technology recommends that you do not upgrade to Mavericks, since many applications do not function properly. New Apple desktops and portables come equipped with Mavericks, we will continue to test the OS X with each departments IT staff to provide efficient support.  



Historically, software downgrades are not possible, because the firmware is modified during OS X installation i.e., once you update you cannot revert back.


Please know that we are working with IT Managers from multiple departments, allowing us to test Mavericks in multiple environments. We will continue to share our findings with IT Managers.


For questions or problems, email,, call 713-743-1411, or contact your IT Manager.



Understand that the site data can and will change overtime. Feel free to check the software companies website to check the integrity of 10.9 releases and potential unresolved issues. If an update is verified, please email with the findings and the source URL. 

UIT continues to test Mavericks and that any applicable incompatibility findings and/or updated information should be mailed to Also note, that OSX updates, such as 10.9.1, have the potential to “reset” certain parameters of our testing, depending on what modifications are made to the OSX content.


Mavericks - Useful information

Hardware requirements: (same as OS X 10.8)

Application Compatibility:

RoaringApps is a good resource to access collaborative knowledge about both OSX and iOS software compatibility. It is important to mention that this site is a resource, accuracy is not guaranteed, findings may differ in the UH environment, and each OSX software update can result in software incompatibility. Keep this in mind before updating your personal machines.


Time Machine and Backup Information

If you update to Mavericks, do not backup your device with the same Time Machine disk until you are certain that you ensure complete integrity for all application files. Doing so may result in an inability to retrieve certain files. 

Once you backup the device, in some cases, you cannot convert the data, as well as an inability to revert back due to firmware changes. (Very significant for OSX 10.6.8, because rosetta is not included with 10.7 + OSX releases.)

Virtual management software i.e., Parallels, should be backed up independently using Winclone, and should be excluded from Time Machine in most cases.


Mavericks - Known Issues


Issue: While using Mavericks newly coded SMB2 stack, connecting to NAS/Windows shares results in timely login issues, as well as an occasional inability to modify File/Folder permissions for all associated users.

Workaround: Force your connection to use SMB1 by typing cifs://servername/sharename, instead of smb://server/sharename when connecting to a Windows or NAS share.

*UH Enterprise System Administrators have have been informed of this issue.


Mac Mail - Exchange mail downloads slowly or does not download in 10.9

Workaround: Escalated case to Apple Senior Engineers - pending solution.


Gmail - issues identified and resolved in 10.9.1 software update.

-Issue prevented deleting, moving, and archiving messages for users with custom Gmail settings. 

-Addressed issue that may have caused unread counts to be inaccurate. 


Saving to a Windows share: “Safe Save” -

Issue: Saving to a Windows share from some applications may not be possible without a workaround, because of “safe save,” a feature that modifies the file to automate real-time saving.

Workaround: Save the data locally and then copy & paste the data to the share.


Network shares - after updating, the automount feature may not work.


Apple Calendar Mavericks - 

A.) responding to iCal invites results in disappearing event.

A1.) Refreshing, returns iCal event, but no response occurs. 

B.) Inability to delete events within iCal - they continue to reappear after a moment.

Workaround: Access webmail from a browser i.e.,,


Blackboard and related tools - Shows Incompatible - appears ok, more research to come. Please send findings and the source to


TSM 6.3 - not currently vendor certified for Mavericks. 6.4.x determination is Pending.


SAP - recommends SAPgui 7.30 Patch 4 or later for Mavericks. 

Workaround: Create and use a Windows VM using SAPgui 7.30 Patch Level 5.


Mcafee Supported Products


IPTV Desktop Client - incompatible. (Information provided by the Administrator)

This only affects those in or around the Residence Halls, or those using the IPTV desktop client at  

Workaround (Not Advised) - According to the vendor Haivision, run the Java plugin in unsafe mode.


OS X Server (Mavericks): Software Update Server may not provide OS X Mavericks software updates after an upgrade.

Resolution: Update to Mavericks Server v3.0.2 or later.


NOTE: If you upgraded from OS X Server (Mountain Lion) and already opened OS X Server (Mavericks) v3.0 or 3.0.1 proceed with the following steps provided by Apple

Open Server app and stop the Software Update service. Quit

Overwrite existing configuration files via Terminal:

cd /Library/Server/Software Update/Config/

sudo mv swupd.conf swupd.conf.orig

sudo mv swupd.plist swupd.plist.orig 

Restart the server.

Open Server app and select the Software Update service, and reconfigure desired settings and updates tabs as desired. Start software update service.


OS X Mavericks v10.9.1: Repeated prompts to unlock "Local Items" keychain Symptoms in multiple apps.

**If requested, I can write a script to accomplish the steps below - depends on the user demand- email if you're having this issue

Current Resolution/workaround: 

Follow these steps to prevent prompts to unlock the Local Items keychain.

In the Finder Bar click Go > Go to folder ... and type the following:  ~/Library/Keychains/

Click OK.

Look for a folder with a name similar to this "A8F5E7B8-CEC1-4479-A7DF-F23CB076C8B8". 

Note: Each folder has a unique number.

Move this folder to the Trash.

Immediately choose the Apple Symbol in the Finder Bar > Restart… to restart your Mac.


After restarting the computer, a new folder is created in the Keychains folder with a name similar to "4B29A0BB-599D-47FC-A2D1-42B5592B130B". There is no need to repeat these steps, or to delete this folder. The new folder is expected and corrects the symptom described in this article.


Papercut application server becomes unresponsive


 Microsoft Lync -



Software Updates for OS X Mavericks

Mavericks Update v10.9.1 (Dec 16, 2013)

Mavericks Update v10.9.2 (Feb 25, 2014)

Mavericks Update v10.9.3 (May 15, 2014)

Mavericks Update v10.9.4 (June 30, 2014)


 The content above may be provided by Apple, or rewritten to directly apply to the UH Mac community. For additional information, a good resource is



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For questions or problems, email or call 713-743-1411.