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UIT Security Alert - Update Phishing Messages

UIT Alert: UIT Security Alert - Update Phishing Messages

Current Status

ResolvedAlert Posting Removed

Affected Services

  • Email (Exchange)
  • Email (mail.uh.edu)

Event Updates

IssueUIT Security Alert - Update Phishing Messages
November 8, 2017 , 2:00 PM

New waves of Phishing messages are currently being received at UH.  These messages may have many different subject lines and could appear to have been sent by a University of Houston address.  The messages refer to account updates and actions needed for you to maintain your UH accounts. They are asking you to go to a non-UH website to update your account information.  You can HOVER over the link (don’t click!) to DISCOVER the website where the link is really taking you. 

UIT is NOT performing account maintenance and we are NOT sending out messages asking you to update any account information.  These messages are designed to trick you into providing personal information to criminals.

Do not respond to the messages or go to the website included in the messages.  Delete these messages immediately.

UIT Security has identified UH accounts that have been compromised and are being used to send out some of these messages.  We have disabled those accounts and are working with their owners.  We have also been in contact with the administrators of the websites listed in the messages to stop those activities.

If you entered any information on websites included in messages such as those listed above, or have questions about the validity of any message you receive, contact UIT Security at security@uh.edu.

ResolvedAlert Posting Removed
December 6, 2017 , 1:30 PM