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Current Status

ResolvedRightNow services are available.

Affected Services

No services are affected by this event.

Event Updates

ResolvedRightNow services are available.
April 11, 2014 , 1:53 AM
RightNow services are available.
DisruptedRightNow Cloud Service Unavailable
April 11, 2014 , 12:59 PM

The RightNow Cloud Service is experiencing performance issues in the Web Server tier. 

Affected Services:
Web Self-Service - Unavailable
Chat - Unavailable
API - Unavailable
Agent - Unavailable

Affected Environments (Sites/Interfaces):
uhdinfo (Interface) uhdinfo.custhelp.com
uhhelpdesk (Interface) uhhelpdesk.custhelp.com
uhhelpdesk (Site)
uhhelpdesk_2 (Interface) uhhelpdesk-2.custhelp.com