UIT Alert: SMTP Mail Disruption

Current Status

ResolvedResolved: Email Service Disruption

Affected Services

  • Email (Exchange)

Event Updates

DisruptedThere is a disruption to SMTP email services, which includes "@uh.edu" aliases.
March 12, 2014 , 4:05 PM
Email via Gmail and Yahoo mail, ect. (i.e. SMTP traffic) and email from "@uh.edu" alias accounts were not being delivered. Admins are investigating a possible problem with a mail queue that delivers these types of emails. Queues are currently being manually flushed to deliver the stored emails. In addition, there was a recent spam incident, which may be causing Yahoo and Gmail emails to be throttled, further delaying delivery times. ETR is currently unknown.
ResolvedResolved: Email Service Disruption
March 12, 2014 , 6:04 PM

SMTP service on on Sophos was disabled due to spamming event reported earlier. The offending email account has been quarantined and queues cleared of all offending mail. I have re-opened queues at this time and mail delivery has resumed. Mail delivery to AOL.COM/AIM.COM at this time is being throttled however aol mail queues will clear out over time.