UIT Alert: Campus Power Outage

Current Status

ResolvedNetwork Service is Available

Resolution Statement

Actions and Root Causes

Campus facilities management indicated an emergency situation required officials to move power from Cougar 1 to Cougar 2 to reduce the chance of equipment damage and safety.

Corrective and Preventative Measures

Power supply to the affected buildings was moved to alternate sources.

Affected Services

  • UH Wired network

Event Updates

DisruptedMost campus services restored after power disruption.
February 4, 2014 , 12:24 PM
The Science and Engineering Annex and Engineering Education Resource Center remain without power at this time.  All other areas have been restored. If your area continues to experience network issues related to this mornings power disruption, please forward your reports to ITAC.
DisruptedCampus power was disrupted briefly due to an issue with Feeder 1
February 4, 2014 , 9:30 PM

At approximatly 9:30am today, there was a temporary power outage due to an imminent emergency. Feeder 1 was transferred to Feeder 2 to to prevent an imminent failure of the feeder. Repairs will be required for feeder 1 before it can be re-energized. Cougar Village1 will be without power until the repairs are completed, since it does not have a dual source of power. The HVAC will not be impacted. If your building still does not have power please contact Customer Service.

Cougar Village 1 remains without power at this time. There are portions of E. Cullen,Classroom and Business building, Bates Residence, Science and Engineering Annex and Engineering Education Resource Center that remain without network services. Technicians continue to work to restore services in these areas.

ResolvedNetwork Service is Available
February 5, 2014 , 6:00 AM
Our network monitoring tools indicate network equipment affected by the power disruption are providing service.