UIT Alert: Network Service Disruption

Current Status

ResolvedNetwork Service Disruption : University of Houston

Affected Services

  • UH Wired network
  • UHSecure Wireless network
  • UH Wireless network

Event Updates

DisruptedNetwork Service Disruption
January 12, 2014 , 4:58 PM

From 4:58 PM to 5:04 PM today, our monitoring applications lost contact with multiple network equipment at UH central campus. 

FIXIT has been notified and they are dispatching the on-call staff for investigation. UIT on-call technician has been dispatched for repairs.

Some network switches in PGH (Bldg. 547), Roy Cullen (Bldg. 501), JDA (Bldg. 505) and Moody Towers (Bldg. 584) did not recover from this incident.

The estimated time to repair has not been established. 

ResolvedNetwork Service Disruption : University of Houston
January 12, 2014 , 9:15 PM

A UIT Technician was  dispatched and all effected devices are back online at this time.