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ResolvedUIT Security Holiday Advisory

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UH Faculty, Staff and Students:

Every year there is an increase in scams and identity thefts around the holidays. Be safe online this holiday season and protect your personal information with these simple steps:

  1. Be critical of emails you may receive.
    We are seeing a large increase in phishing emails at UH, and this increase is expected to continue. These emails are well-crafted, appear to come from others at UH and are designed to trick you into providing personal information.
    • Do not click on links in messages that are asking for account information or personal details.
    • Do not open attachments you are not expecting.
    • Report suspicious emails to UIT Security. Delete suspicious emails.
    • Check for yourself:
      A list of recent phishing emails reported at UH is posted on the UIT Security website and on the AccessUH login page.
  2. Protect your UH identity.
    • Do not re-use your UH userid or password on non-UH websites (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc).
    • Do not use the same password for your online banking that you use on social media or shopping sites.
    • When you change your password, be sure to update the password on all of your devices.
  3. Protect your devices.
    • Keep your computer/mobile devices current with all system and application software updates.
    • Anti-virus/anti-spyware software should be installed, running, and receiving automatic updates.
    • Keep your devices locked-up and out of sight when not in use.
    • If you get a new device, erase all of your information from any old device before discarding it.
  4. Mobile devices – be cautious! Attacks against these devices are increasing.
    • Update apps when prompted and turn off Bluetooth and other features you may not be using.
    • Be aware of your surroundings before providing credit card information on your phone.
  5. Cyber Monday safety: More people than ever are expected to do online shopping this year.
    • Use well-known merchants and only provide credit card information on secure (https) sites.
    • Check the IT Security website for other on-line shopping tips.

These simple actions can help to make your holidays safe and secure. For assistance with UIT Security issues, or to report incidents, please contact UIT Security at security@uh.edu or via phone at 832-842-4695.

Happy Holidays!

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ResolvedUIT Security Holiday Advisory
November 27, 2013 , 11:00 AM