UIT Alert: Fine Arts Data/VoIP/Wifi LAN

Current Status

ResolvedAccess to network resources have been restored.

Resolution Statement

Actions and Root Causes

UiT support personnel configured and installed a replacement switch at Fine Arts.

Affected Services

  • Voip
  • UH Wired network
  • UHSecure Wireless network
  • UH Wireless network

Event Updates

DisruptedNetwork Availbility Fine Arts
November 13, 2013 , 8:00 AM

Network access for some users in the school will be unavailable. Wireless service on the first and second floor of the Fine Arts Building is affected by the switch failure.

Support personnel are working to develop a replacement with Fine Arts network configurations. An ETR has not been established at this point.

ResolvedAccess to network resources have been restored.
November 13, 2013 , 2:00 PM
The areas in the College of Fine Arts affected by the equipment failure now have  Data,VoIP, and WiFi services restored