UIT Alert: Informational: Brief Wireless Outage

Current Status

ResolvedInformational: Brief Wireless Outage

Resolution Statement

Actions and Root Causes

CS-21 was physically rebooted and came back online.

Affected Services

  • UHSecure Wireless network
  • UH Wireless network

Event Updates

DisruptedController 21 became unavailable.
November 5, 2013 , 1:29 PM

Controller 21 became unavailable at around 1:29pm due to a known Meru bug. The slave controller took over immediately and CS-21 was physically rebooted and came back online. Loss of service would have been approximately 2-3 minutes when the slave took over and another 2-3 minutes when the controller came back online.

ResolvedInformational: Brief Wireless Outage
November 5, 2013 , 1:32 PM

Customers at Susanna Garrison Gymnasium, Science and Engineering Research Center, Melcher Gymnasium, Social Work, Athletic Alumni, Agnes Arnold Auditorium, General Services, UHSL, and SBDC were affected for a short outage.