UIT Alert: Wireless Disruption - Sugarland campus

Current Status

ResolvedResolved - Sugarland Wireless Service Disruption

Affected Services

  • UHSecure Wireless network
  • UH Wireless network

Event Updates

DisruptedUH Sugarland customers reporting wireless accessibility issues in portions of the campus.
February 12, 2013 , 9:35 AM
Students in Brazos Hall unable to maintain connections to UH Wireless and UH Secure.
ResolvedResolved - Sugarland Wireless Service Disruption
February 13, 2013 , 5:36 PM
After surveying the building it was determined that the issue was caused by interference due to the single channel planning in that building. Wireless admins changed the concept to a three channel design. After this implementation the affected area was re-tested and found that this resolved the issue. Wireless services will be monitored tomorrow during peak time to verify our results.