UIT Alert: UIT Alert Fax outage

Current Status

ResolvedDigital Fax services available

Affected Services

No services are affected by this event.

Event Updates

DisruptedFax outage under investigation
September 11, 2012 , 7:52 PM

Fax server monitors have indicated a service affecting incident and outage.

 ITAC has contacted the SMEs to investigate the issue. The SMES report the outage is due to a wiring issue, there is no ETR available at this time. 

ITAC will distribute an update after an assessment of the scope and impact of the outage is completed. 

ResolvedDigital Fax services available
September 12, 2012 , 10:45 AM
 The Digital Fax Service is now available. The affected T1 line has been repaired, restoring services.