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    ResolvedRestored - AccessUH: Missing Icons and PASS Password Lockouts

    Resolution Statement

    Actions and Root Causes

    Original symptoms: Users would access PASS or UH Self-Service a maximum of 4 times through the AccessUH integration and then receive a “disabled” account message. ES technicians discovered component code failing due to the ID type not being set on the Portal Self-Service user identification.

    Corrective and Preventative Measures

    A fix was applied that sets the ID type to “None” which allows the component to save and no longer register as a failed login.

    Additional audit logic has been incorporated into the portal for analysis of failed login attempts.

    Affected Services

    • AccessUH

    Event Updates

    IssueAccessUH: Missing Icons and PASS Password Lockouts
    August 31, 2012 , 8:26 AM

    The Issue:

    Customers are successfully logging into AccessUH, but one of the following issues happens: The PASS icon and/or other PeopleSoft service icons are missing in the customer's list of services. When clicking the PASS icon, the customer is taken to the login page for http://myuh.uh.edu, which includes an error, instead of connecting the user directly into the application.


    You should not use the AccessUH login page to access PASS or any other PeopleSoft application. Please note: Your PeopleSoft account may be locked out as a result of clicking the PASS icon which directs you to the login.

    The error message you will receive if your PeopleSoft account is locked states, "Your account has been disabled." This message is misleading your account is actually locked.

    To unlocked your PeopleSoft account, you should reset your password using the PeopleSoft password reset form found on the AccessUH page. You can contact the UIT Support Center to unlock your PeopleSoft account.

    If you are experiencing this issue, please use the direct link to PeopleSoft (http://myuh.uh.edu).

    ResolvedRestored - AccessUH: Missing Icons and PASS Password Lockouts
    September 4, 2012 , 11:41 AM

    Customers are no longer experiencing locked accounts with the Portal Self-Service applications.

    Some customers are experiencing locked accounts especially after password resets. ES plans to reset failed login attempts in all systems on Sunday, 9/9/2012 during the Campus Solutions bundle upgrade.

    Some faculty are not able to see UH Campus Solutions Self-Service icon in AccessUH: processes are being analyzed and corrected such that faculty roles will not get removed based on POI status or other issues. The estimated time to repair is 2 days.