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Conference from Off-Campus

Video Conference

UH has extensive facilities and a wealth of knowledge and experience supporting videoconferencing. The primary support providers are in University Information Technology. For more information about the use of videoconferencing, email Curtis Wilson ( or Philip Booth (

Teleconference and Web Conference

For instances where video is not needed, teleconferencing can provide several functions for the University of Houston from communicating with associates worldwide to assisting students with registration and financial aid.


The University of Houston currently has accounts for teleconferencing with 1-800 Conference (SBC) and with AT&T TeleConference. Both accounts offer domestic audio and web-based conferencing. The University of Houston account with AT&T TeleConference also provides Global Conferencing.

The Global Conference service provides Toll Free dial in numbers for 58 countries throughout the globe.

The Domestic service provides Toll Free dial in numbers for US participants and an alternate dial-in number for participants outside of the US. When an international participant dials in on the alternate number they will be charged any international long distance fees associated with calling the US from their country.

Web Conference

The Web Conference service allows you to conduct presentations, collaborate on documents, and share your desktop. The ability to share desktops allows departments like Registration and Financial Aid to aid students in completing any necessary paperwork.

Conference Bridge

A conference bridge consists of dial in numbers (toll free and alternate) with an Access Code and Host Code. Each conference bridge can host up to 125 participants on a call or web conference. There is no limit to the number of conference bridges that can be established for the University of Houston. We can provide each department with its own conference bridge, allowing for easy tracking for billing back to the departments. Also, AT&T TeleConference can add an additional prompt requesting a billing id that can be any combination of numbers to identify a department or cost center.

The current rate for the reservation less toll free service is $0.13 per participant per minute. A conference bridge can be requested by calling UIT Communications Services at 713-743-1411.