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Web and Communication Technology Services

Managed by Diane Trippel, the Web and Communication Technology Services comprises about 25 FTE of mostly mid- to senior developers and analysts [and the call center??].

What we do


(Anita Bhakta)

The Applications team administers university-wide software applications, including UH account management, Anchor Point, Remedy, and RightNow/AskShasta.


(Mark Rosanes)

The E-Communications Center ensures the data integrity of all official university electronic communications. This includes improving contact data for faculty, staff, and students, distributing official university communications via RightNow, and administering e-communications tools, such as sharepoint, the PIER Emergency site, and the UH listserv server.

IT Communication and Marketing

(Marilyn Jones)

IT Communications and Marketing provides communication and marketing support for UIT.

UH Contact Center

(Kelli Gibson)

The UH Contact Center handles chat, inbound contact, and outbound contact for UH.

Web Technologies

(Matthew Castillo)

Web Technologies provides web site and web application development, web server administration, and QA/testing. It also administers specialty applications that run on or with the web server such as blogs, Google search, and the cascade CMS.

Services We Offer

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