IT Support Center: University of Houston - University of Houston
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IT Support Center

Led by Leroy Mays, the IT Support Center provides Tier 1 and 2 support (both walk up and telephone) and some dispatch.


Executive Support

(Patrick McNeal)

Executive Support provides Tier 3-quality support at the tier 1 level for the university's executive staff.

IT Support Center

(Leroy Mays)

The IT Support Center provides Tier 1 and Tier 2 support for all university customers through phone and online chat.


(Leroy Mays)

Storefronts provide face-to-face support in locations throughout campus and beyond; they're located in ERP, the Library, Lone star college, Moody Towers, PGH, Tech Commons, and the Welcome Center.

Software Sales

(Amy Ma)

The software sales group sells the software we license.

Support Event Management

(Leroy Mays)

When we have an event, (e.g. email latency), the Support Event Management group

  1. Identifies customer impact of the event (talking to tech managers, going to site to see for themselves)
  2. Identifies a mitigation strategy
  3. Handles communication


(Leroy Mays)

IT Training teach face-to-face classes about technology, designs IT classes, and negotiates the SkillPort contract, which provides online courses in a variety of subjects.