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Network Operations

Manager: George Creighton

Network Operations comprises about 15 FTE of mostly mid- to senior analysts and technicians.



(Omar Farooq)

Cellular works with vendors to ensure coverage, supplies duty phones to UH staff who require phones to perform their jobs (such as police officers), and maintains a reserve of cell phones and cellular cards for use in an emergency.

Network Access/Distribution

(George Creighton)

Network Access/Distribution installs and maintains network hardware at the building and office level. Maintains Cougar1card terminals

Network Service Center & Billing

(George Creighton)

The Network Service Center recharges for all moves, adds, and changes to the network & telephone system. Their annual income is about $6 to $7 million.

Project Management

(Mark Aycock)

With construction

Public Safety

(Jim Cox)

Public Safety designs, installs, and maintains the camera, alarm, and access control system. The business owner is Malcolm Davis, Chief of Police.

Telephone Services

(George Creighton)

Telephone Services install and manage the ROLM and Cisco IP telephone systems, the AVAYA voicemail system, and the fax servers.

Wireless Operations

(Paul Roberts)

Wireless Operations provides a wireless network.