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Desktop Management

Led by Alby Rose, the Desktop Technologies department delivers the automation pieces that people can use so that they don't have to call the help desk.


Desktop Applications

(Tom Carol)

ePO, LANDesk, Sophos, Verdiem

Suites of applications that are part of managing the desktop; research, purchase, and administer the tool suite;

Desktop Management

(Alby Rose)

Need to be able to take care of standardized one-stop-shop for purchasing of hardware, purchase of software, set up, and remote management of computers for departments. They need to manage procurement and deployment and remote management of computers

Software Services

(Alby Rose)

The Software Services group researches the best software for the university, manages the packages we own to get them up on the software server, and troubleshoots upgrades.


(Mike Nagy)

The Sustainability group works to identify methods of power management savings for units across IT. It produces white papers, studies, and road shows.

Technology Commons

(Kevin Vu)

The Technology Commons is a place for users to use technology. They can check out laptops. The group also manages printer kiosks, supplies laptops, and acts as a test bed for the desktop applications, desktop management, and sustainability groups.

Tier 3 support

(Gary Schelette)

Tier 3 Support solves thorny and sophisticated support issues that require highly specialized knowledge.