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TN Request Procedures

Important Note: Only Human Resources is authorized to sign USCIS TN forms on behalf of UH.

This page is divided into two sections: request procedures for filings with the USCIS, including change of status, status extension, employment amendment, change of TN employer, or concurrent TN employment; and request procedures for TN application (initial TN visa or TN visa reneal) from outside the U.S.

TN Change of Status, Change of Employer, Extension, and Amendment

The hiring department is responsible for completing, signing, and submitting to the Immigration Specialist the following form:

1. Copy of offer letter (does not apply in TN extension cases)

2. Request to Petition for TN

3. Employee Checklist-Questionnaire (for the TN worker)

TN Visa Application from Outside the U.S.

UH does not prepare the TN packet for Canada-U.S.-border application in the case of the Canadian worker or consular application in the case of the Mexican worker, but may provide direction to where the procedures and instructions are online.


UH is responsible for payment of the TN fee for filing with the USCIS, including the premium processing fee if employment of the worker in TN status is required before the TN petition can be approved under regular processing.

It is one check per fee:

  • $460 for all filings with the USCIS (not required when applying from outside the U.S.)
  • Optional $1,225 if expediting the petition (this fee is not necessary for extension or amendment, unless needed for traveling purposes).

Keep in mind the following when submitting the vouchers:

  • The vendor number is 0000051939.
  • Comment on the voucher that the check(s) should be sent to your Department and not directly to the USCIS.

Send To:

Immigration Specialist
Office of the General Counsel
Mail Code: 2028