Parents FAQ

Following the stereotypes that joining a fraternity is bad is very untrue. Members of fraternities go on to become very successful men in their chosen fields of study as well as productive members of society. What do former president Ronald Regan, famed children’s author Dr. Seuss, and Super Bowl champion Drew Brees have in common? …They were all members of a fraternity. Should your son choose to join a fraternity, he will be stepping into a world of endless possibilities for his future success.

  1. What will joining a fraternity do for my son?
  2. Joining a fraternity will develop your son into a well-rounded student and young man who will be ready to take on the challenges of university life as well as the real world. He will excel in his academics, grow as a leader, gain a network of brothers and alumnus unlike any other, participate in community giving, and be part of many social traditions of his chosen fraternity.

  3. How will my son’s academics be affected if he joins a fraternity?
  4. Positively. All member fraternities of the IFC are required to have extensive academic plans in place for their members to achieve and maintain the highest level of academic success. These plans usually consist of a minimum GPA requirement, required weekly study hours, and peer tutoring. Additionally, the IFC has partnered with the University of Houston’s Learning and Support Services (LSS) to provide an extra layer of academic support to Greek members who wish to supplement their fraternity’s academic plan.

  5. How will my son be giving back to the community?
  6. Your son will be actively involved in philanthropy events that are designed to instill values of community giving while creating a sense of social responsibility. Every fraternity gives back to the community by adopting a philanthropy. Some examples include Pi Kappa Phi’s support for Push America, Sigma Phi Epsilon’s commitment to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, or Tau Kappa Epsilon’s ties to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Historically, Greek organizations raise millions of dollars and put in thousands of man hours toward philanthropic causes.

  7. Will my son be hazed?
  8. Never. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE hazing policy. Hazing in any form is not acceptable and detracts from the fraternity experience. We abide by all University of Houston hazing policies as well as our own standards. Hazing of any kind will be met with swift action from the IFC as well as the university administration. Rest assured that your son will be entering an environment which will only help him grow and prosper during his college years.