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Faculty @ IBNS

Dmitri Litvinov [litvinov "at-sign" uh "dot" edu] - Director
Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, PhD., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 1999. Novel magnetic materials and devices at nanoscale dimensions, micro- and nanomagnetic materials and devices related to the current and future magnetic storage technologies, disk drive storage, probe storage based on MEMS and MRAM, biosensors, and magnetic computing.

Stanko Brankovic [stanko.brankovic "at-sign" uh "dot" edu ]
Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, PhD., Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, 1999. The areas of research interests include: Electrochemical Thin Film Growth, Magnetic Materials and Nanostructures, Nanofabrication, Electrocatalysis, Sensors, Physics and Thermodynamics of Electrified Interfaces.

Jiming Bao [ jbao "at-sign" uh "dot" edu ]
Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, PhD., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Karen Martirosyan [ karen.martirosyan "at-sign" utb "dot" edu ]
Associate Professor of Physics at University of Texas at Brownsville, PhD., Russian Academy of Science, 1991. Dr. Martirossian's research interests are in the field of solid-state combustion synthesis (CS) of advanced ceramic materials. Combustion synthesis also referred to as Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS) is an energy-saving method which uses high-exothermic reaction between initial components.

Paul Ruchhoeft [ pruchhoeft "at-sign" uh "dot" edu ]
Associate Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, PhD., University of Houston. Prof. Ruchhoeft's research interests lie in the development of a parallel printing process with nanoscale resolution using energetic helium ions and atoms and the development of new low-cost stencil masks used in this patterning process. Applications include the patterning of spherical substrates for the manufacturing of ultra-compact infrared cameras and the fabrication large-area, periodic nano-scale patterns for use in infrared metal-mesh filter manufacturing and water filtration membranes. He is also interested in modeling of resist exposure and development processes for electron, ion, and atom beam lithography. He has authored numerous papers in these areas.

Frank Claydon [ fclaydon "at-sign" uh "dot" edu ]
Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, PhD., Duke University, 1987. Over the past several years Dr. Claydon's educational interests have revolved around programs to stimulate freshman engineering students.

Randall Lee [ trlee "at-sign" uh "dot" edu ]
Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, PhD., Harvard University, 1991.  Directed self-assembly of sub-5nm nanoparticles for ultra-high density patterned medium applications. Synthesis and functionalization of magnetic nanoparticles for nanomagnetic biosensor applications.

Richard Willson [ willson "at-sign" uh "dot" edu ]
Professor of Chemical Engineering and of Biochemical & Physical Sciences, PhD., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1988. Biomolecular recognition based on large area ultra-high density magnetic nanolabel sensor arrays. He has dozens of publications in molecular recognition and biodetection, and extensive prior experience with the antibody and oligonucleotide model systems.  Dr. Willson is the former chair of the ACS Division of Biochemical Technology and current president of the International Society for Molecular Recognition.

Yan Yao [ yyao4 "at-sign" uh "dot" edu ]
Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, PhD., University of California, Los Angeles, 2008. Dr. Yao's research interests are in designing nanostructured materials and understanding them at atomic level to overcome the challenges in energy applications, such as batteries, solar cells, solar hydrogen generation.

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